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“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” (Matt Hardy)


Your wedding, one of the most special and important moment from your lives, one day full of emotions and feelings blooming as spring. Your wedding photograph is a unique and special memory. My goal as your wedding photographer is make these beautiful moments endure forever, to immortalize these unrepeatable moments that will bring you in the future wonderful memories full of feelings, what can make you smile or maybe happiness tears…

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create emotions with my work.

How I work?

I like to blend in the moments so I can capture the most naturals and authentic moments, without forced poses. My style is photojournalism, photographing everything what is happening, adding some artistic touches if it is possible in each shoot. During the ceremony we like to act unnoticed so family and guest can enjoy each moment in this big day. Once ended the ceremony and before appetizers, normally we do a small photo shooting (around 20 minutes) in the chosen place, like the car or in the same venue place. During appetizers and banquet we are attentive to what is happening because there will be very special and emotive moments. Once the dance start, we stay with you about two or three ours more or until we get the photos we want. We don’t charge extra hours.

Pre wedding

For me as wedding photographer is really important to make you feel comfortable posing for my camera. This is one of the most important point for good job and that’s the reason I like to have a first meet with you so we can know each other and explain better my work. I gift you this first photo session with any contracted package. Why? Because we can know each other better in this way, so you will feel comfortable in front of the camera and in your wedding day we will have the complicity that makes possible to obtain beautiful photos full of emotions. For me it is very important this day to break the ice, we laugh together and obviously, enjoy together the time and the beautiful location. You can also use my work in your invitations, posters or videos for the wedding day.


The preparatives can be one of the most endearing moments, they are the start of your big day. It starts the nerves, emotions and feelings. I will be with you in any moment, blending myself in the moment, not asking for poses but always photographing everything as real.

Post wedding – Tras the dress

This photo shoot is perfect to wear your outfits again and spend a very funny day. I love doing this kind of photos because we already know each other and everything is easier and fluid. I can get really beautiful photos with high artistic content. Normally we choose two locations and we will spend in each place approximately one hour. I will deliver around 100 retouched photographs in high quality and without watermarks.

For me it is an honour and a pleasure to stay with you in your love story with my photographs. If you are looking for a different wedding photo, with natural and spontaneous images, you have found your wedding photographer in me.


Method of payment

It’s needed to pay 350EUR in order to formalize the booking of your wedding day. The rest can be paid at the same day. If you want one of the album packages, the surplus can be paid once you said OK for the impression.


We need approximately between 60 and 90 days to deliver the final work.

Destination Wedding

If your wedding is in Mallorca there is not any extra cost. For destination weddings to another island, to mainland or another country, we always go one day prior to the big day in order to see the place and search the perfect location. Air ticket (with resident discount if is in Spain) and expense allowance should be paid by your side. This is also applicable to pre or post wedding photography.

Interviewed by  Zankyouweddings portal for their Magazine.

For all the couples who are going to give the “Yes, I do” and even for who have given it, it is known that it is not an easy task to find a photographer that immortalizes every moment for their big day. You have to find someone passionate, that love their work, which can transmit that passion to the couple and also in their work.

Today we want to introduce you to a great photographer. It is Miguel Arranz, who began his career with the firm purpose of capturing the soul and the essence of what is happening at every wedding he attends and still is fulfilling his goal now.

Zankyou: How were your beginnings in the world of wedding photography?

Miguel Arranz: I’ve always been passionate about photography. For me it means capturing the soul, the essence of what is happening and the wedding day is the best day for that. This is a day full of emotions and where the feelings blooms like spring. It is about catching the instant that long time later it will surprise you again, make you see and feel what you lived that day. They are memories engraved in your mind and in your heart for the rest of your life and that is my goal as a photographer and the reason I started photographing weddings four years ago. My beginnings were progressive, I began to publish my works and from one came another. One of the most important things that helped me and continuing doing it today is the word of mouth and the recommendation of the couples with I have worked.

Z: Do you work with any specific technique or style?

MA: My style is photo-journalism. I capture with my camera everything that is happening, without forced poses, adding an artistic touch to each shot if it is possible, that is, capturing every moment.

Z: What words do you think that define your work better as a photographer?

MA: Professional, natural and artistic.

Z: What is the big challenge when it comes to photographing love?

MA: For me it is to capture its essence: a peek, a tear, a caress, a smile…

Z: When do you consider that you have done an excellent job?

MA: When I deliver the final work, I see that couple who hired me, filling their faces with happiness and expressing intense emotions, when they are seeing the photographs of their big day.

Z: Which is your goal?

MA: How I can revive with my photographs the best moments of that great day. For me it is also enjoy and share that moment with the couple, when we meet to see the final result.

Z: Which is your biggest source of inspiration?

MA: Every couple that wants me on their big day. Because this I try to know them thoroughly, to know their tastes, hobbies, etc. In addition, I always do a pre-wedding doing some activity that they like, so can relax and keep them distracted.

Z: Which is the most tense and / or fun time to photograph?

MA: On the one hand, I believe that the tensest moment is the entrance of the bride and groom into the church, in addition to any of the unique and unrepeatable moments that occur in the ceremony as the placement of alliances. On the other hand, one of the moments that I like the most and what I think is the funniest is the opening dance and the party, where all the nervousness has already passed and everybody has fun, losing any kind of formalism.

Z: What do you think about the hardest part of your job?

MA: To grow and improve, that is to say, to overcome myself with every job, in quality, technique and, of course, with the personal treatment with each couple.

Z: Can you tell us some interesting story that has marked your career?

MA: At a wedding in May 2016, parents and close relatives of the bride left her alone in the hotel suite where she was preparing, due to certain “logistical problems”, and had to leave earlier to the venue. In those moments I had to help her put on the dress and take the pictures at the same time. It was a very funny experience to have to do triple work: photographer, stylist and psychologist, to reassure her and give her some advice.

Z: Which photo do you feel most proud of?

MA: In short, with all the photographs I manage to thrill couples.

MA: Working all over Spain and mainly in the Balearic Islands, we make the first contacts by phone or via Skype, but we always meet in person before the wedding. Something that for me is fundamental. It is very important that personal contact and create a relationship of trust with the couple, so when the big day arrives and I go to their home or to the place where the preparations begin, they do not say that the photographer has arrived, but: “Miguel has arrived” and, at the same time, we give a strong hug smiling. I usually have two to three meetings with each couple. The first serves to specify the services they need. The second for the pre wedding and talk a little bit of everything. The third, shortly before the wedding, to see the place where they are getting married, which are the best areas for the shooting and, by the way, give them some advice, closing the end timing and certain issues with the wedding planner, if they have it.

Z: To inspire the readers, if you could choose a perfect ceremony to photograph, what would it be like?

MA: For me the ideal would be to celebrate a ceremony in the middle of nature: in a forest, near a river with crystalline waters, natural light … Then celebrate the banquet on wooden tables, enjoying a cliff overlooking the sea and sunset included. Finally, if possible near a lighthouse. Although it seems impossible on the island of Mallorca, there are impressive places!

Z: If you were to get married and you were hiring a photographer, what kind of questions would you ask?

MA: First of all I would make sure that he is a real professional and he has a team of professionals to replace him if anything happened. Secondly I would ask him to show me the images of a wedding, that is, not only the ten or twenty best photos, but a whole work, to capture the job and see his personal style. In short, I would look for a professional close friend, with I feel comfortable from the beginning and then do his job very well and, of course, loving his style. To conclude, I would point out that for me the feeling with couples is fundamental.

Z: What do you think that defines you as the best choice to be the photographer for a wedding?

MA: My sensitivity, my involvement and the passion for my work. I think I’m a very close and committed person. I treat the couple with much affection so that they feel relaxed and trust me. I just became his friend and not just the photographer. It is necessary to be able to portray the couples in those intimate and emotional moments and for that it is fundamental all this, because in the final result it is noticed.

Miguel Arranz advises you for facing the great day relaxed, you should be yourselves and you have to enjoy every moment, because the rest he is already in charge. It will be like a close, sensitive and committed friend who will be at your side in one of the most important days of your lives and who will keep with care and great professionalism that day so you can remember them happily and relive them with a great smile.