Hi! Thanks for reading about me

Life is like a camera. Focus only on what is important, capture the good moments, take out of the negative a revealed learning … and if things don’t go as expected, shoot a new photo!

I’m Miguel, moment’s photographer, fleeting moments, moments that take your breath away, moments that suddenly appears and moments that you cannot control or induce…

I capture those beautiful moments with my camera as a great composer said “is not my work, is my language”. I truly impassion what I do, for me the photography is capture the soul, the essence about what is happening, immortalize moments that one day will surprise you again reviving that beautiful day, those wonderful memories engraved in your mind and heart for the rest of the days, that’s my goal as photographer.

My photography style is a blend of elegance, timeless beauty, and a focus on aesthetics, with a touch of fashion. I aim to create images that stand the test of time, with a refined and sophisticated approach that highlights visual harmony and the beauty of the couple, location, and surroundings.

I’m husband, I’m father and I consider myself as an honest and homely person. I love the nature and the beauty in the simplest things. I enjoy spending my time with my family and friends, and especially I try every day to relish these little moments that the life offer us and leave one mark in our heart for always. I was born in Badajoz (Spain) and now I live in the beautiful island of Mallorca for twenty years and I’m a professional wedding photographer since ten years ago.

José & Domingo the first photographers of my family in his photo studio. They were my great grandmother’s brothers, year 1935.